Introducing LLCs Made Easy- Wisconsin Style

My name is Joseph W. Boucher. I have been practicing business law in Madison Wisconsin since 1978. During that time one of the most significant business legal changes has been the addition of LLC’s. My personal interest in them began when I was an editor of the National CPA exam during the mid-1980’s. A colleague shared the information on LLC’s which had then been approved in Colorado after starting in Wyoming in the late 1970’s. Having seen my father and father in law operate as sole proprietors because of the barriers they perceived to using either C or S corporations, I realized that LLC’s were a huge benefit to them and those like them. We formed a committee in Wisconsin in the early 1990’s, which I chaired, to draft Wisconsin’s law. Wisconsin’s law was passed in  1993 going into effect January 1, 1994. Starting with a small percentage, LLC’s are now over 80% of the new businesses formed in Wisconsin.

As part of the legislation, we saw to it that the state agency regulating business formations created an online process to form LLC’s. This process is very popular. Forming an LLC in Wisconsin, is easy and less expensive online. You can go to to begin.

For further discussion, please see LLC’s 101 on this blog.

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