Legal Publications

This is a collection of  articles I have co-authored with various others while practicing law in Wisconsin. My writings have been included in the Wisconsin Lawyer magazine published by the Wisconsin state bar as well in other media such as the Wisconsin Techology News. I have also co-authored several books published by the Wisconsin Bar Association.

Professional Articles

Shedding Light on Recent Developments Affecting LLCs – August 2008- Wisconsin Lawyer Magazine

The First LLC Case-Sept 2005-Wisconsin Lawyer Magazine

Legislation Incorporates Cutting-edge Business Combination Concepts –  February 2002-Wisconsin Lawyer Magazine

LLC and Corporate Law Revisions-Oct 1996- State Bar Journal

LLC’s: A Hot Topic- December 1993-State Bar Journal

LLC’s: Why It Should Pass-July 1993-State Bar Journal

Farm Corporations-May 1988-Journal of Taxation


Wisconsin Limited Liability Company Handbook- 2009-Wisconsin State Bar Association

Organizing a Wisconsin Business Corporation-2008-Wisconsin State Bar Assocation

Other Media

LLC Transactions Must be Fair For All Members, September 2005-Capital Region Business Journal.

Wisconsin Technology News Articles

What follows is a series of articles I authored on this site. Please note each article and its brief summary. For more detail on the topic, please go to the Wisconsin Technology News site to retrieve the specific article.

Counterpoint: The Advantages of Limited Liability Companies; September 6, 2010-Responds to other recent articles in the WTN which criticize the use of LLC’s for start ups and tech companies.

Starting a tech business? Step 1 is minding the intellectual property Oct 2006- Paying attention to the intellectual property early on is very important. Here is what to pay attention to.

Early Stage Step 2: Choosing a domain name  Nov 2006- Domain  names are critical. Here is what to do.

Early Stage, Step 3: Naming the entity Nov 2006- How should you do this? Read this piece to find out how.

Early Stage, Step 4: Cautionary trademark tales Dec 2006- Pay me now or  pay me later, really applies to trademarks. Do not overlook this important step. Read this article to figure out how to proceed.

Early Stage: Step 5 – Forming the entity Jan 2007- Now form the entity. Here are the steps on how to do so.

Early Stage: Step 6 – Taxes, taxes, taxes! Feb 2007- Death and taxes. Here is what to pay attention to.

Early Stage 7, Part I: Just what is an employee?  Feb 2007- Who is an employee? Read this to find out.

Early Stage, Step 8: Misclassifying workers brings risk March 2007-If you do not properly classify workers,  here is what can happen.

Early Stage, Step 9: Raising capital in the securities landscape March 2007- Securities laws can be tricky. Here is what to do.

Early Stage 10: The nuances of federal laws May 2007-More details on securities laws- the federal story.

Early Stage: Step 11 – Other forms of finance May 2007- There are alternative ways to fund a business. Read this to get some ideas.

Early Stage: Step 12 – Alternative forms of business finance July 2007- Still more suggestions.

Early Stage, Step 13: The advantages of leasing real estate July 2007- Why use tough to come by capital on real estate? Here is how to lease it.

Early Stage, Step 14: Strategic partnerships require legal protections Sept 2007- Key business relationships are often critical to success. Here are some ideas.

Early Stage: Step 15 – A license to sell Nov 2007- Intellectual property can be licensed profitably. Here is how.

Early Stage, Step 16: Sale of business a taxing exercise Jan 2008- Tax issues often drive selling a business. Here is what to know about this topic.

Early Stage, Step 17: Sale of the business – assets vs. stock Feb 2008- Before you buy or sell a business understanding this issue is critical. Read this article to learn what to do.

Early Stage: Step 18 – Asset clean-up issues March 2008- Loose ends. They are always there. Here are some ways to deal with them.